History of the Roll Ball

Roll Ball is a game played between two teams. Roll Ball is played on “ROLLER SHOES”. Each team consists of 12 (Twelve) players, 6(six) on the field and 6(Six) in reserve. The main objective of the game is to score maximum goals within a stipulated time. The main feature of Roll Ball is that the ball is held in single or both the hands, even when passing on to the other players, and is repeatedly bounced on the ground.


The main aim of International Roll Ball Federation is to promote this new Born game in all countries of the world and to make this game popular among the school and college students. This event will help the students / players to Interact & exchange their Cultural values and views with others. It will also create a sense of unity and brotherhood between them.

ROLL BALL, a fast growing sport of the century now has spread its wings throughout the world. It has received attention of various people in the sports fraternity and applauds from the people. Roll Ball has now become the heart throb of all the youth.