When the game of RollBall was invented, it meant different things to different people. For skaters it meant getting a break from the usual routine and trying something new, adventurous, thrilling and challenging at the same time. For other sports, it appeared as a threat, as the game was more dangerous and exciting than any other. And for our dearest coach, Mr. Raju Dabhade, it was like his own child, and he was ready to let it out in the world only to grow into the most loved and respected being ever.

In the past decade, RollBall has provided us with exciting tournaments, wonderful journeys and the best of friends. We made unforgettable memories, played some of the toughest matches and cherished every minute of it. Whether we won or lost, or got bruised all over, nothing has ever been as fun as being a part of the world of RollBall.

When it was born, it was played by a small group of skaters; now it is being played in over 20 countries and is getting bigger and bigger by the day. We, the members of the RollBall family, only wish for this beautiful game to keep growing and to provide the same kind of thrill and adventure to people all around the world as it has provided us with for the past decade.